How are we doing? YOU know it better!

 Every company and every business today, no matter its operational field or geographic location, cherish to grow, to improve, to attract more and loyal customers, to succeed. The hospitality industry is not any different, besides it requires a lot more flexibility, constant adjustment, innovative approach, up to date strategies and impeccable service.

Therefore, we from Marcheholiday often ask ourselves: how are we doing, where are we going, are we moving in the right direction and at the right pace?

There are many financial and non financial tools that measure the success of a company, from revenues and profits, to number of acquired customers, size of the market share, number of overnights stays to search engine popularity.
There is, however, one performance indicator that is more abstract and cannot be precisely measured by figures. It is rather subjective than objective and it is far more difficult to be analyzed but we, from Marcheholiday pay greater importance to this indicator and consider it way more significant than any other financial measure. Which one is it, have you guessed?

Yes, we bet you have! It is our clients’ satisfaction: your opinions, your feedback, your reviews, YOU!
Throughout the last six years, Marcheholiday has been constantly developing and expanding, both in holiday accommodations and markets, acquiring greater number of international customers, who we prefer calling OUR GUESTS. Moreover, Marcheholiday has experienced essential changes by modifying its business structure, its vision and goals, by modernizing its booking process, improving its customer service, personalizing its approach and by constantly seeking to provide added value, with one main goal: to better respond to our dear guests’ needs and wants and to make them feel as comfortably and cosy as at their homes while discovering and fully enjoying a different part of this world.

Yet, besides all the positive changes and achievements, we cannot help but wonder: How are we really doing? Are we doing well enough? And the answer is YES, we are. As the only valid measure of our progress and development is YOU, your opinions, your satisfaction , your evaluation!

We thank you all for the trust, sincerity and worm words! We wouldn’t be what we are today without YOU! Moreover, we are extremely grateful to all our guests, regardless of leaving or not a feedback, as all of you have apparently trusted us and have believed in our service. We will not let you down!

And as the last word is yours, we let you have it with pleasure!

“Life in the Garden of Eden”

“What can one say about living in the Garden of Eden and having a saint in Maurizio who is never far away if there is an explanation sought or a task to be undertaken? In the 7 years we, 2 couples have been taking self-catering villas in different parts of N Italy, we have not come across better surroundings or a better appointed refuge. Quite why the other guests that have been here since 2013, and who obviously feel the same way, have not written up this gem on Trip Advisor – no one has- I know not. Here he comes with our morning expresso – no wonder the fire brigade engage him as their cook – how does one thank him and his family? Get your views into Trip Advisor quickly!”

CJeremyL, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom
Left on 27/07/ 2016

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“In Barchetta you feel immediately at home”

“It starts already with the heartwarming welcome of the owners who really want to do everything to spoil their guests. At the end of a dead-end street Barcetta offers all the privacy you want and a beautiful view at one of the nice villages of the Marche en the Mont Sibillini mountains. De Garden is very well maintained and offers several places to enjoy the sun or the shade. The swimming pool with the nice beds and the jet stream seems perhaps a bit small but is luxurious and is also big fun for the kids. The living- and sleeping-rooms are attractively decorated, the beds are wonderful, the bathrooms luxurious and comfortable, the kitchen has everything you need, the wifi works perfect, the same goes for the (dish-) washing machine and the whole house is perfectly clean. Actually you don’t need to go anywhere when you’ve hired this house but if you want to go to the beach for a day, to visit a beautiful city or the nearby nature park or you want to have dinner in one of the delicious restaurants nearby than that’s also possible because Barchetta has it all!”

Barend Vlasman en Marthe-Geke Bracht, Netherlands
Left on 25/08/2015

“Perfect villa with perfect hospitality !!”

“We liked this house very much. It was our best holiday. We went with friends and our children. The house is well equipped en the owner Marco & his wife are very friendly and hospitable. They showed us all the hot-spots in the neighbourhood. We liked San Costanzo, Senigallia very much !! So….you won’t regret your stay and the nicest peope of Italy ! We will be back soon.”
Wilco B, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Left on Aug 11, 2015

“Villa Banci – Magical vacation”

“Magical Vacation !!! Very beautiful area, gorgeous house, helpful owner. We loved it! We’ll be back! Be sure!
Svetlana Pastushenko, Russia
Left on 02/08/2016

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