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Le Marche – the hidden treasure in Central Italy…..

Travellers who want the best of central Italy are now heading for Le Marche, the third region, alongside Tuscany and Umbria that portrays the charm of Central Italy.

It is pronounced “lay markay”, is plural (Le Marche) and is sometimes translated into English as “The Marches”.

The region lies on the eastern side of central Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and the high Apennine mountains, gently raising with mild hills from the Adraitc coast, up to the Central Appennini.

Why Le Marche?

Although the coast has been popular for many years, much of the inland remains almost unspoilt, preserving the culture of authentic Italy.

Although, the Adriatic coast has been a mecca for “sun n’ sand” holiday makers for decades,  few venture far from the beaches. Inland, perhaps more than anywhere else in central Italy, you will find places where time really has stood still. Compared to its central Italian sisters, here culture comes in more easily digestible proportions and high  quality, as it is in Urbino, an UNESCO heritage site.

Visiting Le Marche

The region is known for pleasing visitors who come to Le Marche looking for the taste of genuine Italy, untouched by mass tourism but welcoming to foreigners.

Whether you want to admire masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, trek across wild uncharted mountains or hunt out the best of the catch in a Mediterranean fishing port, Le Marche has enough to keep you busy for years. And you will rarely have to jostle with hordes of other foreign tourists.

Many visitors who come to Le Marche are looking for a taste of the “real” Italy, unsullied by mass tourism, yet welcoming to foreigners – if that’s what you want, you won’t be disappointed.

When to go

While it can be hot between mid-July to mid-August, it is rarely overcrowded and up in the mountains the breezes are cooling.

May, June and September are the ideal months to tour Le Marche if you can’t take the heat; the landscape is clothed in spring green or the first tints of autumn, any rain tends towards brief showers rather than endless drizzle, and it’s usually possible to find a bed without booking.

The wettest seasons are mid-February to mid-April and mid-October to mid-December when days of grey mist and rain can set in up in the mountains. It can also be cold in midwinter, particularly when the bitter northerly tramontana winds blow.

What to visit

Mountain villages where the time has stood still, or small towns to discover by yourself, all immerse in the charming countryside, like Recanati, Cingoli, Jesi, Camerino, San Leo and Fermo. Interesting to visit and more popular are the bigger towns of Urbino, premises of the court of the Duke of Montefeltro in the 15th century, Ascoli Piceno with it’s beautiful main square, Ancona with it’s sea port and more hidden attractions, and Macerata with its annual open-air opera festival.

On the sea, Sirolo, near Monte Conero is small and delightful, while for busier areas look for San Benedetto del Tronto, Gabicce and Senigallia. If you like nature, don’t miss the Frasassi caves, the Furlo Gorge, the Monte Conero and the Sibillini Mountains…..

Natural wonders
Many tourists visit Le Marche for its natural beauty and most of the spectacular inland mountain country remains unscathed by the worst excesses of the 21st Century.

You’ll find some of the most impressive mountain scenery to the south of the region amidst the Monti Sibillini, whose peaks are often covered with snow until the late spring.

The Frasassi caves are some of the most spectacular limestone caves you are every likely to visit, the longest in Europe.

Limestone again is the leading player at the Furlo Gorge, a dramatic natural pass through the mountains that has been in use since prehistoric times.

Most of Italy’s Adriatic coastline is stubbornly flat. Monte Conero, just south of Ancona, is a rare exception – a high limestone mountain that plunges into the sea and guards a handful of delightful little bathing resorts.

The best mountain views to be had in the north of the region, on the doorstep of Urbino, are around the giant Monte Catria. In spring the upland meadows are carpeted in alpine flowers.

People of Le Marche

They are kind, modest, gentle, genuine and a little bit more relaxed then people of northern Italy. That means many like, and have time, to enjoy a relaxing conversation, possibly in front of a traditional meal prepared by the home cook, just like mamma does.

Come to Le Marche, experience true authenticity, slow food and slow life. Relax, explore and enjoy…. you deserve it




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Tine Roche: dai fornelli della Cambridge Cookery School al palco del Salotto del Gusto con Marcheholiday

Dal primo momento in cui è giunta nelle Marche, Tine Roche ha capito che la nostra regione aveva tanto da offrire. Fin dalla sua prima visita ad Acqualagna in occasione della Fiera del Tartufo 2014, la chef di origini svedesi e titolare della più famosa scuola di cucina di Cambridge (Regno Unito) ha iniziato ad approfondire la sua conoscenza del territorio marchigiano e della provincia di Pesaro e Urbino.

La sua ammirazione per la genuinità delle specialità locali e per alcuni accostamenti di prodotti che le hanno ricordato il gusto della cucina svedese ha portato Tine a scegliere la nostra regione per proporre itinerari eno-gastronomici di nicchia ai suoi iscritti.

Marcheholiday ha avuto l’onore e il piacere di interfacciarsi con lei per la creazione di un pacchetto turistico di eccellenza da offrire in occasione della Fiera del Tartufo di Acqualagna.

Nei giorni 30-31/10-1/11 e 8-9-10/11  abbiamo avuto il piacere di seguire Tine e i suoi 2 gruppi provenienti da Cambridge nell’itinerario eno-gastronomico al tartufo che ha permesso loro di gustare specialità locali, comprendere i segreti della cerca del tartufo e di godere della meraviglia delle nostre colline e di Urbino.

Imperdibile per gli ospiti di Tine e per i visitatori della Fiera del Tartufo è stato il Cooking Show tenuto dalla chef al Salotto del Gusto il 31/10.

La ricetta presentata ha subito leggere modifiche dell’ultimo minuto per l’impossibilità di reperire alcuni ingredienti, ma il Cervo al Tartufo di Tine ha comunque suscitato l’ammirazione e curiosità di tutti!

La nostra Eleonora, referente Marcheholiday per Tine Roche, ha collaborato alla riuscita dello show anche in qualità di interprete. Mentre Tine presentava la ricetta e i prodotti, il presentatore dello show (trasmesso da un’emittente TV locale) ha intervistato la chef che ha approfondito argomenti quali l’importanza dei prodotti a chilometro zero e le ragioni per cui la cacciagione rappresenta un’ottima scelta sia da un punto di vista di qualità del prodotto che di benessere dell’animale.

Il cooking show di Tine Roche ha rappresentato per i partecipanti un arricchimento dal punto di vista culinario ma anche uno spunto di riflessione su ciò che finisce quotidianamente sulle nostre tavole.


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Tine Roche: from her kitchen of the Cambridge Cookery School to the stage of Salotto del Gusto with Marcheholiday!

Since her very first arrival to Marche, Tine Roche had realized that our region had much to offer. Since she first visited Acqualagna, at the Truffle Fair in 2014, the chef with Swedish origins and owner of the most famous cooking school in Cambridge (The United Kingdom) began deepening her knowledge of the Marche region and the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Her admiration for the authenticity of local specialties and for the combinations of products, some of which recalled the taste of the Swedish cuisine, led Tine choosing our region for the offer of niche food and wine itineraries to her clients.

Marcheholiday had the honor and pleasure to interface with her for the creation of a package of excellence taking place during the Truffle Fair in Acqualagna, this year.On 30-31/10,1/11 and 8-9-10/11 we had the pleasure to accompany Tine Roche and her two teams from Cambridge, on an unique truffle-theme gastronomic itinerary that allowed them to enjoy the local specialties, understand the secrets of truffle ‘hunting’ and admire the wonderful hills of the province of Pesaro-Urbino.

An absolutely not-to-be-missed spectacle for both, Tine’s guests and all the visitors of the Truffle Fair, was the Cooking Show held by the chef at the Salotto del GustoT (Taste Lounge) on 31/10. The recipe presented has been slightly modified at the last minute, due to the impossibility of finding few of the ingredients, but the deer-alla- truffle recipe of Tine has still attracted the admiration and curiosity of all!

Our Eleonora, an employee of Marcheholiday and a contact of reference for Tine Roche,  undoubtedly contributed to the great success of the show as a representer, as well as an interpreter. Whiles Tine was presenting her exquisit recipe and products, the host of the show (broadcasted by the local TV station) interviewed the chef, who revealed and deepened her knowledge of topics such as the importance of the locally-produced products and the reasons why hunting is an excellent choice for both, the quality of the products and the welfare of the animals.

The cooking show of Tine Roche accounted for all the participants as an enrichment from a culinary point of view but also as a way to reflect on what ends up on our tables every day.

Find out more from Tine herself:

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