12 reasons to book a holiday rental home in the countryside

Holiday homes fever!!! Why is everybody so excited about a holiday in the countryside?

I am pretty sure you have already heard of a friend of yours who has had an amazing holiday in…somebody’s “home”, or a friend of a friend who has rented an entire villa abroad with a bunch of other families and had a blast! Perhaps you have also seen your neighbours coming back satisfied and relaxed from an amazing rental retreat in the countryside… Have you wondered why? Because there are so many advantages to spend your holiday in a rental home far from the city life! Find out our 12 reasons why a countryside holiday in a rental home can be so appealing and next time it will be you, who everybody else will envy!

1) Feel at home, away from home!

I bet you know the feeling when you come back from a holiday and feel like “Home sweet home”, as you have missed the comfort of your home while being away. Then why not renting a real home for your holidays? Why not having all the comforts and beyond while relaxing somewhere else? Cosy rooms, spacious bathrooms, a garden, a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, well-equipped kitchen, BBQ, porch and you name it…just for you! Yes, your home will always be your home, where you have all your stuff, memories and where your heart belongs to but what you should not sacrifice while on a holiday is the comfort and the cosines of your home!

2) See your kids excited!

If you are one of those parents who wish to go on a holiday with their children but are looking for a vacation different than the classical all-inclusive one (with entertainment club for kids), if you wish to explore another country or area and immerse in the local culture, together with your children, then a rental holiday home will fit your needs and wants in a way you haven’t thought before! Imagine your children running outside in the garden, jumping in the swimming pool, shouting, laughing… without disturbing anybody, without having to obey any rules (except for the ones their parents establish) and feeling free, feeling save, feeling kids!

3) Enjoy your holiday with your friends or your big family!

Are you looking for a place where you can go together with your friends and their families or with your entire family of different generations? Then rental holiday homes are the ideal solution for you. You can rent a whole villa or a big house where each family will have their own spaces while at the same time you can all stay, cook, eat and play together! All you want, as you want it!


4) Bring your pets on a holiday too!

Finally a place where your pets can feel on holiday too. See them running, jumping and barking freely and you will wonder why you haven’t discovered this type of holiday earlier.

5) Be free!

Loud music, BBQ in the garden, splashing in the pool, laughing out loud, singing under the shower or reading under the shadow; sipping cocktails by the pool, having your favorite dishes under the oak tree, while watching the sunsets together with your loved ones… you can have all the privacy and freedom in the world, just enjoy it!

6) Immerse in the local culture and spirit!


No matter how good the country house is, you are not going on a holiday to spend it inside! Should you wish to practice some Italian, go to the nearest square or bar and mingle with the local people! Should you wish to learn about the history and culture of the area, ask the property owner or some of the neighbours around! Taste some local dishes, sip some local wines, explore some trekking trails or cycling paths, become local, do the best out of your holiday.



7) “Dolce far niente” or relaxing by doing?

As you have all the time in the world and all the freedom imaginable, do whatever you wish, whenever you wish it! If you feel lazy, lay down under the sun and enjoy what Italians call: “dolce far niente” (it’s sweet doing nothing)! If you feel like being active, try our aqua trekking and canyoning adventures, you won’t regret them. And the good news is: you can have it all – dynamic, easy, relaxing, mixed – your holiday will be what you make out of it!

8) Spend your time outdoors!

Big garden, BBQ. swimming pool, trees, flowers, birds singing, breeze whispering, stunning views, rolling hills, golden sunsets…you definitely do not have all these in your daily life, or at least not all at once. So take some fresh air, encounter some local birds or insects, listen to the natural sounds around you: it’s your holiday after all!

9) Cook for the whole family! Trust me, it is very different than doing at home!

Preparing your meals when on a holiday may not be the most desired thing but think about… how many new and fresh local ingredients you can use how many new recipes you can learn how different it is to cook together with your family or friends and how fun it is to eat altogether outdoors, by the pool or under the porch

10) Stay away from everything you wish to escape from, get close to everything that matters!

Away from the city, away from the stress! This is what most of us are looking for and yet, staying in the countryside may seem challenging for some, especially if we are a bit isolated, far from the city. But think about this you will indeed be isolated just from: work, problems, deadlines, stress, traffic, noise, people who you would like to avoid but you are forced to see every day; while in the meantime you can get closer to: your family/friends/loved ones, pure nature, beautiful landscapes, fresh air, Italian weather and food, silence, peace and quiet. Imagine waking up with this view… isn’t it fantastic!

11) Learn a new sport/art/recipe

Make the best out of your holiday in the countryside: expand you knowledge, learn a new skill, improve something about you! How? You can start by visiting a local farm, meeting its animals, eating local food, learning a new recipe, trying a new sport, tasting a new drink, learning a new language!

12) Save on the price, gain on the quality!

Last but not least, renting a holiday home may turn out to be absolutely budget friendly, even if you choose a very luxury accommodation. Wouldn’t be fantastic if you can save from the price (not the quality) of the accommodation and have more spare money to spend during the holiday. How? Our tip: book a large villa together with 1-2 other families of friends and share the costs! You will spend the holiday in excellent company (your friends), your children will be happy too and so will be your pockets ! 😉

And do not forget:  this should be your holiday! Enjoy it!

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