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  • Did you know… where the original house of the Virgin Mary is today?

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    Did you know….

    that in the heart of Marche, in the borders between the provinces of Ancona and Macerata, there is a town called Loreto, which each year attracts more than 4 million visitors? What makes this borough of 12 thousand residents so special? Is it its strategic position on top of a hill, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, or the stunning views towards Monte Conero (the heart of the Conero Riviera) that attract so many people from all Italy and beyond? Let’s find out!

    loreto-notteIndeed, on top of the Loreto’s hills proudly stands one of the 3 most visited cathedrals in Italy. It is undoubtedly large and beautiful but why is it so popular? Is it its magnificence, its size or maybe the art inside it that has such an important role to all Catholics and Christian believers? These certainly aren’t the only reasons.

    As the Basilica of Loreto is beyond all the above: it is unique! For in its center lays down the Holy House of the Virgin Mary – the house in Nazareth that she inhabited before the birth of the God’s Son, where she conceived and raised Jesus in his early years! The one and only Holy House!

    the-piazza-in-front-ofIt is then obvious why the Basilica of Loreto has such an importance for the Catholic World but I would like to tell you why it so special for me. I have been living in Loreto for the last 6 years and have often visited the Sanctuary of the Holy House. In my opinion, the Santa Casa (as it is called in Italian) is undoubtedly one of the most sacred places I have ever been to, notwithstanding its enormous importance for the Catholic World. Being Bulgarian I am also an Orthodox and although my religion is Christian, I was used to visiting and praying in Orthodox churches since I was a child –  those small, dark temples decorated with icons and lit by thousands of candles that fill up the air with their specific aroma of something burnt and creating this smoky but cosy, warm atmosphere of a place you belong to. Although I admire the Catholic churches and cathedrals, I have to admit that they are so beautiful and magnificent that when inside them,  instead of feeling in a sacred place, I have the sensation of being in a museum or an art gallery, where I feel like visiting and admiring the art rather then praying. The Holy House of Loreto is the only Catholic place where I feel home, I feel as if I am in one of those dark tiny little Orthodox churches filled with incense, magic and power where I could really feel closer to God, where prayers come out naturally and nothing else matters…

    vg_santacasa_01You may be curious how the Holy House from Nazareth is today located on the Adriatic coast of Italy? There are a few versions explaining the mystery, the most popular being a 14th century legend and a more scientific explanation.

    According to the legend, after the crusaders left the Holy Land and it came under the control of Muslims in 1263, the Holy House of the Virgin Mary was transported by angels to a place known as Croatia today, during 1291. It was found by a shepherd who was revealed in a vision by Mary herself to be her house. It was in that period when the Holy house had disappeared from Nazareth.

    r4r9t6t4p2p8y6p5q7c0o9e1i8q7p7x2g5e0g9m8f0r1t2s3z8l5t6s0l3t0d6h3h4k5k8i6y0t6h4b2i4v0d5d5w8p9o9j8k7j7q7k5t1f0q2i9t1a8r1l5a0n6z8l3It was then again transported by the angels in 1294,  to the other part of the Adriatic Sea, to Recanati and finally, one year after, in 1295, it found its final position into a laurel grove, called the ‘Lauretanum,’ from where the name of Loreto comes from. The legend also says that when the Virgin’s House was lowered by the angels the the trees around bowed down in respect.

    The scientific research, however, insists that the transportation of the Holy House was done by sea and was not flown by angels. Moreover, monks and crusaders were often referred to as ‘angels’ by the common people during the medieval period thus explaining the myth of ‘angels’ transporting the Holy House from Nazareth to Loreto on their wings. Indeed, after centuries of research, in 1962 archaeological and literature evidence  suggest that the house in the center of the Basilica of Loreto, may actually originate from the lands of Nazareth for its limestone and cedar construction materials are typical for that land and period and are not to be found in Marche.

    The Holy House, located in the center of the Basilica today, is quite small, consisting of a single room. The original House had three walls with the fourth being open towards the entrance of the grotto where today stands the altar with a statue of a Black Madonna. Two different parts can be identified in the construction of the  Santa Casa : the original wall, about 3 meters high, built in regular row and with limestone blocks found in Palestine and a newer upper section built with Marche local bricks. There are six graffiti, similar to those found in the Holy Land, belonging to ancient periods.

    Almost two centuries after the appearance of the Holy House in Loreto, in 1469, a large Basilica was built around it. It has been reconstructed and remodeled several times over the centuries and today it has a Renaissance exterior and a Gothic interior. Soon after the construction of the Basilica it became very popular in Italy, and by the 16th century it was visited by pilgrims from all over Europe.

    anrea-contucci-sansovino-loreto-santa-casa-04-665x509Inside the Basilica, exactly below the Dome, there is a huge marble concourse, surrounding the Holy House. The Marble Screen, representing Bible scenes, together with a scene representing the legend of the angels flying the house, was assigned by Julius II, who, in 1507, sent Donato Bramante to Loreto to do “great things” there and to “draw many works”. There are two obvious paths formed in the hard stone concourse, left by the millions of pilgrims who would circumnavigate the Holy shrine on their knees. 

    The Virgin of Loreto is considered the patron saint of pilots, emigrants, and expectant mothers. Each year, on December 10, pilgrims and citizens celebrate the arrival of the Holy House in Loreto.  The little town has become one of the most popular places in Marche throughout the centuries and undoubtedly a must-visited site for all the Christian pilgrims worldwide.

    Today the Sanctuary of the Holy House is site No 2, according to TripAdvisor (in my opinion it should be definitely in 1st position ) and therefore I highly recommend you visit Loreto and its Basilica, even if you have just a single day in Marche. You do not need to be a believer or a Christian in order to appreciate the magnificence and uniqueness of this place. No matter if you are simply an art lover or a curious tourist who would like to expand his culture, the Holy House of Loreto will be worth visiting!


    Personal visits 2011-2016

    Holy House of Loreto

    The Holy House of Loreto

    Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto




  • 12 reasons to book a holiday rental home in the countryside

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    Holiday homes fever!!! Why is everybody so excited about a holiday in the countryside?

    I am pretty sure you have already heard of a friend of yours who has had an amazing holiday in…somebody’s “home”, or a friend of a friend who has rented an entire villa abroad with a bunch of other families and had a blast! Perhaps you have also seen your neighbors coming back satisfied and relaxed from an amazing rental retreat in the countryside… Have you wondered why? Because there are so many advantages to spend your holiday in a rental home far from the city life! Find out our 12 reasons why a countryside holiday in a rental home can be so appealing and next time it will be you, who everybody else will envy!

    1) Feel at home, away from home!

    I bet you know the feeling when you come back from a holiday and feel like “Home sweet home”, as you have missed the comfort of your home while being away. Then why not renting a real home for your holidays? Why not having all the comforts and beyond while relaxing somewhere else? Cosy rooms, spacious bathrooms, a garden, a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, well-equipped kitchen, BBQ, porch and you name it…just for you! Yes, your home will always be your home, where you have all your stuff, memories and where your heart belongs to but what you should not sacrifice while on a holiday is the comforts and the cosines of your home!

    2) See your kids excited!


    If you are one of those parents who wish to go on a holiday with their children but are looking for a vacation different than the classical all-inclusive one (with entertainment club for kids), if you wish to explore another country or area and immerse in the local culture, together with your children, then a rental holiday home will fit your needs and wants in a way you haven’t thought before! Imagine your children running outside in the garden, jumping in the swimming pool, shouting, laughing…..without disturbing anybody, without having to obey any rules (except for the ones their parents establish) and feeling free, feeling kids!

    3) Enjoy your holiday with your friends or big family!

    Are you looking for a place where you can go together with you friends’ families or with your entire family of different generations? Then rental holiday homes are the ideal solution for you. You can rent a whole villa or a big house where each family will have their own spaces while in the same time you can all stay, cook, eat and play together! All you want, as you want it!

    4) Bring your pets on a holiday too!


    Finally a place where your pets can feel in a holiday too. See them running, jumping and swimming freely and you will wonder why you haven’t discovered this type of holiday earlier.

    5) Be free!

    Loud music, BBQ in the garden, splashing in the pool, laughing out loud, singing under the shower or quietly reading under the shadow; sipping cocktails in the pool, cooking you favorite dishes and eating them under the oak tree, while watching the sunsets together with your loved ones…you can have all the privacy and freedom, just enjoy it!

    6) Immerse in the local culture and spirit!


    No matter how good the country house is, you are not going on a holiday to spend it inside! Should you wish to practice some Italian, go to the nearest square or bar and mingle with the local people! Should you wish to learn about the history and culture of the area, ask the property owner or some of the neighbors around! Taste some local dishes, sip some local wines, explore some trekking trails or cycling paths, become local, do the best out of your holiday.

    7) “Dolce far niente” or relaxing by doing?

    As you have all the time in the world and all the freedom imaginable, do whatever you wish, whenever you wish it! If you feel lazy, lay down under the sun and enjoy what Italians call: “dolce far niente” (it’s sweet doing nothing)! If you feel like being active, try our aqua trekking and canyoning adventures, you won’t regret them. And the good news is: you can have it all – dynamic, easy, relaxing, mixed – your holiday will be what you make out of it!

    8) Spend your time outdoors!


    Big garden, BBQ. swimming pool, trees, flowers, birds singing, breeze whispering, stunning views, rolling hills, golden sunsets…you definitely do not have all these in your daily life, or at least not all at once. So take some fresh air, encounter some local birds or insects, listen to the natural sounds around you: it’s your holiday after all!

    9) Cook for the whole family! Trust me, it is very different than doing it it home!

    Preparing your meals when on a holiday may not be the most desired thing but think about… how many new and fresh local ingredients you can use how many new recipes you can learn how different it is to cook together with your family or friends and how fun it is to eat altogether outdoors, by the pool or under the porch

    10) Stay away from everything you wish to escape from, get close to everything that matters!


    Away from the city, away from the stress! This is what most of us are looking for and yet, staying in the countryside may seem challenging for some, especially if we are a bit isolated, far from the city. But think about this: you will indeed be isolated from… work, problems, deadlines, stress, traffic, noise, people who you would like to avoid but you are forced to see every day… In the meantime you will be close to… your family/friends/loved ones, pure nature, beautiful landscapes, fresh air, Italian weather and food, silence, peace and quite….close to freedom!

    11) Learn a new sport/art/recipe

    Make the best out of your holiday in the countryside: expand you knowledge, learn a new skill, improve something about you! How? You can start by visiting a local farm, meeting its animals, eating local food, learning a new recipe, trying a new sport, tasting a new drink, speaking a new language!

    12) Save on the price, gain on the quality!


    Last but not least, renting a holiday home may turn out to be absolutely budget friendly even if you choose a very luxury accommodation. Won’t it be fantastic if you can save from the price (not the quality) of the accommodation and have more spare money to spend on the destination. How? Our tip: book a large villa together with 1-2 families of friends and share the costs! You will spend the holiday in excellent company (your friends), your children will be happy to and so will be your pockets 😉

    And do not forget: it’s your holidayaaaaay! Enjoy it!

  • How are we doing? YOU know it better!

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     Every company and every business today, no matter its operational field or geographic location, cherish to grow, to improve, to attract more and loyal customers, to succeed. The hospitality industry is not any different, besides it requires a lot more flexibility, constant adjustment, innovative approach, up to date strategies and impeccable service.

    Therefore, we from Marcheholiday often ask ourselves: how are we doing, where are we going, are we moving in the right direction and at the right pace?

    There are many financial and non financial tools that measure the success of a company, from revenues and profits, to number of acquired customers, size of the market share, number of overnights stays to search engine popularity.
    There is, however, one performance indicator that is more abstract and cannot be precisely measured by figures. It is rather subjective than objective and it is far more difficult to be analyzed but we, from Marcheholiday pay greater importance to this indicator and consider it way more significant than any other financial measure. Which one is it, have you guessed?

    Yes, we bet you have! It is our clients’ satisfaction: your opinions, your feedback, your reviews, YOU!
    Throughout the last six years, Marcheholiday has been constantly developing and expanding, both in holiday accommodations and markets, acquiring greater number of international customers, who we prefer calling OUR GUESTS. Moreover, Marcheholiday has experienced essential changes by modifying its business structure, its vision and goals, by modernizing its booking process, improving its customer service, personalizing its approach and by constantly seeking to provide added value, with one main goal: to better respond to our dear guests’ needs and wants and to make them feel as comfortably and cosy as at their homes while discovering and fully enjoying a different part of this world.

    Yet, besides all the positive changes and achievements, we cannot help but wonder: How are we really doing? Are we doing well enough? And the answer is YES, we are. As the only valid measure of our progress and development is YOU, your opinions, your satisfaction , your evaluation!

    We thank you all for the trust, sincerity and worm words! We wouldn’t be what we are today without YOU! Moreover, we are extremely grateful to all our guests, regardless of leaving or not a feedback, as all of you have apparently trusted us and have believed in our service. We will not let you down!

    And as the last word is yours, we let you have it with pleasure!

    “Life in the Garden of Eden”

    “What can one say about living in the Garden of Eden and having a saint in Maurizio who is never far away if there is an explanation sought or a task to be undertaken? In the 7 years we, 2 couples have been taking self-catering villas in different parts of N Italy, we have not come across better surroundings or a better appointed refuge. Quite why the other guests that have been here since 2013, and who obviously feel the same way, have not written up this gem on Trip Advisor – no one has- I know not. Here he comes with our morning expresso – no wonder the fire brigade engage him as their cook – how does one thank him and his family? Get your views into Trip Advisor quickly!”

    CJeremyL, Shaftesbury, United Kingdom
    Left on 27/07/ 2016

    Pod 117 Pod 091 Pod 086 Pod 065 Pod 047 Pod1030169


    “In Barchetta you feel immediately at home”

    “It starts already with the heartwarming welcome of the owners who really want to do everything to spoil their guests. At the end of a dead-end street Barcetta offers all the privacy you want and a beautiful view at one of the nice villages of the Marche en the Mont Sibillini mountains. De Garden is very well maintained and offers several places to enjoy the sun or the shade. The swimming pool with the nice beds and the jet stream seems perhaps a bit small but is luxurious and is also big fun for the kids. The living- and sleeping-rooms are attractively decorated, the beds are wonderful, the bathrooms luxurious and comfortable, the kitchen has everything you need, the wifi works perfect, the same goes for the (dish-) washing machine and the whole house is perfectly clean. Actually you don’t need to go anywhere when you’ve hired this house but if you want to go to the beach for a day, to visit a beautiful city or the nearby nature park or you want to have dinner in one of the delicious restaurants nearby than that’s also possible because Barchetta has it all!”

    Barend Vlasman en Marthe-Geke Bracht, Netherlands
    Left on 25/08/2015

    “Perfect villa with perfect hospitality !!”

    “We liked this house very much. It was our best holiday. We went with friends and our children. The house is well equipped en the owner Marco & his wife are very friendly and hospitable. They showed us all the hot-spots in the neighbourhood. We liked San Costanzo, Senigallia very much !! So….you won’t regret your stay and the nicest peope of Italy ! We will be back soon.”
    Wilco B, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Left on Aug 11, 2015

    “Villa Banci – Magical vacation”

    “Magical Vacation !!! Very beautiful area, gorgeous house, helpful owner. We loved it! We’ll be back! Be sure!
    Svetlana Pastushenko, Russia
    Left on 02/08/2016

  • Il Summer Jamboree – l’evento più atteso dell’anno

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    9 giorni e 9 notti pieni di eventi, MUSICA degli anni 40-50’, 40 concerti, 250 dj sets, artisti di fama internazionale, macchine d’epoca… e poi balli, decine di migliaia di persone entusiaste, le notti estive, la brezza del mare, l’Hawaian Party sulla spiaggia di velluto……una vera magia da non perdere!

    Anche quest’anno per la 17° anno consecutivo, dal 30 luglio al 7 agosto, Senigallia ospiterà Il Summer Jamboree: il festival internazionale della musica e della cultura americana degli anni 40’ e 50’, noto anche come “the Hottest Rockin’ Holiday on Earth”. Il centro storico e il lungomare di Senigallia prendono vita con Rock and Roll, Swing, Rhythm’n’Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Doo Wop…e non solo. Tutto l’evento è caratterizzato della cultura di quegli anni: rocker provenienti da diversi paesi, costumi vintage, cibo da strada, auto d’epoca, feste e spettacoli in tutta la città che si riveste in puro stile Happy Days.

    summer jamboree

    Gli artisti e le band più famose al mondo, qui  si ritrovano insieme, tra vecchie glorie e nuove generazioni di un genere che non morirà mai: Gaynel HodgeWS “Fluke” Holland, Kid Ramos e The Bellfuries, sono le 4 Big Star americane, protagonisti della eccezionale line up artistica del Summer Jamboree 2016. A loro si aggiunge la new entry italiana Edoardo Bennato che insieme a due grandi chitarristi come Giuseppe Scarpato e Gennaro Porcelli,  si esibirà in una R’n’R Session appositamente creata per l’occasione, durante il Big Hawaiian Party.

    39 concerti,  di cui 38 ad ingresso gratuito, 6 palchi allestiti per la XVII edizione del Summer Jamboree, di cui 4 nel centro storico di Senigallia (Foro Annonario, giardini della Rocca Roveresca, via Carducci, piazza Saffi). Mercoledì 3 agosto prenderà vita anche il palco dell’Hawaiian Party sulla spiaggia di velluto, una delle spiagge più apprezzate della riviera Adriatica, e poi , venerdì 5 agosto si aggiunge anche il palco del Teatro La Fenice con il suo imperdibile Burlesque Show. Oltre 250 Dj Sets saranno diffusi per la città: tutti i giorni il festival inizia con Dj set in spiaggia dalle ore 12 (Lungomare Alighieri) e continuerà fino alle 4 del mattino.

    Da visitare assolutamente anche Il Rockin’ Village (Rocca Roveresca, Piazza del Duca, Via Carducci, Pizza Manni) e il suo grande Mercatino vintage ’40/50 di modernariato e antichità, con  anche Parrucchieri Old Style e Barber Shop per creare la vostra acconciature d’epoca.

    Inoltre, corsi di ballo gratuiti dalle ore 18 alla Rocca, tanti stand con cibo da strada come Food & Beverage Cajun, Tex Mex Diner, Rockin’ Pizza, e molto molto altro (aperto tutti i pomeriggi dal 18.00 alle 01.00 e nei due weekend, fino alle 03.00).

    Se, invece, siete appassionati di macchine d’epoca, in Piazza Simoncelli  dalle 18 sarà visitabile il Car Park che ospita le auto americane pre-1969.

    Per tutti coloro che amano scatenarsi nel ballo, con la sabbia sotto i piedi e la brezza del mare e la luce delle stelle intorno a voi, l’Hawaian Party, del 5 agosto è in assoluto l’evento da non perdere! Non sapete ballare il Rock & Roll? Nessun problema! Partecipate ai Dance Camp, dove imparare i balli Twist più famosi del secolo scorso!

    Trova il programma completo qui

  • Summer Jamboree – the most expected event of the year!

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    The Summer Jamboree –  9 days and nights full of events, MUSIC from the 40’s and 50’s, about 40 concerts, 250 dj sets, internationally renowned artists, vintage cars … and then dancing, tens of thousands of enthusiastic people, the summer nights,  the sea ​​breeze, the Hawaiian Party on the velvet beach … in short, a real magic not to be missed!

    Also this year for the 17th time in a row from July 30 to August 7, Senigallia will host the Summer Jamboree: the international festival of music and American culture from the 40 ‘and 50’, also called “the Hottest Rockin ‘Holiday on Earth”. The historic center and the waterfront of Senigallia come alive with Rock and Roll, Swing, Rhythm’n’Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Doo Wop … but not only … The whole event is characterized with the culture of those times: from the rockers coming from different countries, to the vintage costumes, decoration, food, events, vintage cars … but above all the most famous artists of the world, icons originating  together with current and future leaders of a music that will never die: Gaynel Hodge, WS “Fluke” Holland, Kid Ramos and the Bellfuries, are the Big 4 star American protagonists of exceptional line up the artistic Summer Jamboree 2016. they are joined by the Italian unreleased Edoardo Bennato who will perform in a R’n’R Session at the Big Hawaiian Party, specially created for the Summer Jamboree along with two of the most famous guitarists of Europe: Giuseppe Scarpato and Gennaro Porcelli.

    39 concerts, including 38 with free admission, six stages set up for the 17th edition of the Summer Jamboree, 4 of which in the historical center of Senigallia (at Foro Annonario, the gardens of La Roveresca Rocca, via Carducci, Saffi Square). On Wednesday, August 3rd, the stage of the Hawaiian Party on the velvet beach will come to life (one of the most popular beaches of the Adriatic coast), and then, on Friday, August 5th, the stage of Teatro La Fenice will open with its not-to-be-missed Burlesque Show. Over 250 DJ sets will be spread around the city: every day the festival will begin with a DJ set on the beach from 12 pm (Promenade Alighieri) and will continue until the conclusion of the nights from 1 to 4 am.

    Highly recommended to visit is also The Rockin ‘Village (at Rocca Rovere, Piazza del Duca, Via Carducci, Pizza Manni) with its great vintage market from the ’40’s and 50’s of modernism and vintage, Barber’ s and a Hairdresser’s for your most appropriate hairstyle;  in addition, free dance classes starting at 6 pm18 (at Rocca Rovere), street food such as Food & Beverage Cajun, Tex Mex Diner, Rockin ‘Pizza, and much, much more (open every afternoon from 6pm to 1 am and during the weekends up till 3am).

    Moreover, if you are fond of vintage cars, in Piazza Simoncelli, the Car Park opens each day at 6 pm to host American cars from before 1969.

    For all of you who like to dance from the bottom of your hearts, feeling the sand under your feet and the Adriatic breeze on your warm faces, the most recommended and fun party on the velvet beach is: The Hawaiian Party, on August 5th. You don’t know how to dance Rock & Roll? No problem! Just for people like you there has been organized the Dance Camp: for all beginners who would love to learn the most “twisting” dance of the century.

    Find the full programme here

  • “If I had just one day left on this earth, I would wish it to be like today”

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    The term “off the beaten track” only hints at the deeply individual nature of our Slow Food trail. We have over the years established a wonderful network of local families, producers and farmers who open their doors to us. We immerse ourselves in Italy, the Italian way of life, the food, people and the quiet charm that is the Montefeltro region of Le Marche. Our base is the luxurious Urbino Resort, located in carefully restored historic farm buildings on a massive “tenuta”. The exquisite resort nestles in the organic vineyards on the foothills of the emerald green Montefeltro hills. A tranquil outdoor pool sits next to a fragrant herb garden, there is a Japanese style spa with wonderful views over the landscape, miles of carefully tended paths for walking or running, an equestrian centre and a rose studded lake-side restaurant where chef Tomas Morazzini prepares outstanding sour dough pizza, ultra-fresh Adriatic fish and indulgent desserts for which he is justifiably renowned. Comments from guests include “if I had just one day left on this earth, I would wish it to be like today” and the observation that we are completely submerged in the Italian language and customs and are received like long lost friends wherever we go.

    Day 1: mid-morning arrival at Ancona airport and a 75-minute private transfer to Urbino Resort.
    After a rather early departure from Stansted, our guests tend to need a little rest before setting off so we leave it until mid-day before gathering for coffee on the terrace and driving to Porchetteria Patenta where rolls of butcher’s paper cover the tables and the owners show us how to tie a whole herb stuffed pig with willow twine before roasting it in a 500C wood fired oven. From Patenta we drive to one of the region’s top producers of wine, the Mancini estate, with breathtaking views over p the glittering Adriatic and rows of vines of local grapes such as the intoxicatingly Aleatico and also, very unusually, with Pinot Noir, a custom dating back to the Napoleonic rule of the area. It is a testament to the beauty of the Mancini estate that it was used by Rick Stein when he filmed his Italian TV program (clip). If the weather gods are on our side, we enjoy an al fresco food and wine tasting right above the turquoise sea, surrounded by lime green early season vines and the heady scent of coastal gorse. The vineyards are next to the idyllic hill-top village of Fiorenzuola di Focara. The cobbled streets, domed church towers and jaw dropping views should mean hoarders of tourists but as this is Le Marche, and not Tuscany, we are the only visitors. After a glass of chilled white in the evening sun, we set off for dinner at Osteria il Pergolato Da Maria, a rustic favourite frequented only by local people who come to enjoy a menu which has hardly changed in the 60 years that Maria has presided over the kitchen. From Maria’s, we return ready for the dreamlike tranquilly and comfort of Urbino Resort.

    Day 2: Breakfast at Urbino Resort is served in the renovated former estate chapel. In typical Italian style, it includes an amazing array of delicious, homemade cakes and pastries as well as fresh fruit and homemade jams. In keeping with the slow motto, we don’t depart until 9.30 so there is time to have a lie-in or go for a walk or run and have a dip in the pool before “il pranzo”. Our first visit brings us right up to the higher regions of the Montefeltro hills, offering an almost alpine vista. The winding road takes us to the San Giovanni sheep farm where owner Antonello and his English wife Sarah make fresh Ricotta and Pecorino. Antonello’s family originates from Sardinia, where art of making sheep’s cheese originates. The farm keeps some 300 sheep who are milked daily to produce wonderfully delicate Ricotta, which we eat fresh with olive oil, salt and pepper. Local people make the journey up to the farm to buy cheese straight from Antonello and Sarah and what does not sell on the farm is taken down the mountain to local markets but no
    further. From San Giovanni we descend to multi-award winning Il Conventino, whose 300 acres of olive groves and vines produce artisanal oils and wines. For those interested in understanding just how complex and precise a process it is to make top quality olive oil loved by chefs, the owner, an engineer by training, talks us through his tailor-made, high-tech presses. Saturdays are for communal team lunches at Il Conventino which means the full works from Bruschette and pasta to ice cream served with the estate’s top olive oil – and sea salt. A revelation! This is a slow tour, and lunch at Il Conventino can take anything from 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on the mood and the subjects discussed around the table. We don’t clock-watch, we simply sit back and pour another glass of top quality wine, including the spectacular Passum dessert wine, made not from late, but early, harvest grapes in order to control sugar and alcohol levels and resulting in a magnificent, deeply ruby “just sweet” wine. Dozing off is allowed as we head down to the lively city of Pesaro on the coast. The birth place of Rossini, this elegant town welcomes Opera lovers from all over the world to its annual Rossini festival in August. Known for his voracious appetite, Rossini had a favourite pizza which includes tomato sauce, hard-boiled egg and mayonnaise! It has to be tried to be believed – and one small slice is enough. The afternoon is yours to explore the cobbled streets, excellent shops and artisan ice creams. Dinner is on the beach, enjoying fresh prawns, calamari and local Piadine bread.

    Day 3: after breakfast we set off to visit the smallest producer of the trip; organic winery and honey producer Giuseppe Paci. Giuseppe, his wife, 4 children including latest arrival baby Giulia, his parents, an uncle and a set of grandparents all share a large house which has belonged to the Paci family for centuries. They produce small quantities of organic wine made completely by hand and where lunch in the courtyard include homemade salamis, honey and Signora Luisa’s seasonal deep fried acacia and elder flowers served with the house rosé.

    Our final dinner is at the lake side restaurant on the estate, which is reached via a gently lit road through the vines, accompanied by the beguiling flicker of early summer fire flies in their nocturnal search for food. Our own search for the genuine food of this wonderful region ends here, in the relaxed setting and safe hands of Chef Tomas Morazzini whose sour dough pizza, use of herbs and vegetables from the estate and indulgent pastries draw guests from all over the region.

    Day 4: breakfast and departure to Ancona airport for our return flight at 10.20am, arriving back in the UK by noon.

    Written by Tine Roche

    Other pictures in Marcheholiday images



  • The great women of Marche

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    The great women of Marche

    Many have been the women from Le Marche who over the centuries have helped in writing the history of this region and have contributed to its fame and appeal: women of literature, poetesses, female painters, actresses, singers, archaeologists and sports women: all are women, all are from Marche and all are great … .

    Women of literature

    There have been plenty of Marche women who have lived a life of culture. One of the first ones was Battista Sforza, born in Pesaro in 1446, and represented in one of the most famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance “Diptych of the Dukes of Urbino” by Piero della Francesca. This woman, who married Federico da Montefeltro and lived in the beautiful city of Urbino, was dedicated to culture; she lived surrounded by scholars and men of science and had strong governmental skills so that she administered the city when her husband was fighting in some far-away war.

    Two other women,  literature lovers, were Battiferri Laura, who lived between the first and the second half of the sixteenth century, often likened by his contemporaries to the Greek poetess Sappho; and Margherita Sparapani, born in 1735 in Camerino,  passionate about natural sciences, she became part of the important Accademia ‘Arcadia along with the most educated writers of the time.

    Women of sciences

    A name known by all and represented on the famous thousand liras in Italy is Maria Montessori, born in Chiaravalle, in the province of Ancona. At the turn of the nineteenth and the mid-twentieth century she was the first Italian woman to graduate in medicine and, as educator, she helped for the renovation the Italian school: the educational method that bears her name is still used in many institutions around the world.

    Still in medicine, Edmea Pirami, born in Ascoli Piceno at the late nineteenth century, graduated in pediatrics in 1964 and became vice president of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). The city of Porto San Giorgio (MC) is the birthplace of the archaeologist Alessandra Nibbi who contributed to the research for delineating the actual geography of Ancient Egypt.

    Women of Arts

    The Art with capital “A” in the Marche region is represented by Nori de ‘Nobili, a painter and poetess born in Pesaro in 1902. Her energetic art, colorful and extremely feminine, is preserved in the Museum and Research Centre for Studies on Women “Nori de ‘Nobili “in Trecastelli, where the permanent exhibition of her most important works is exposed.

    Also in the field of art we cannot forget to mention Agostina Segatori: from Ancona she arrived to Paris, where in the late nineteenth century began her career as a model and muse, posing for famous painters such as Eugène Delacroix, Vincent Van Gogh and Edouard Manet.

    Ascoli Piceno also has its patriotic painter and poetess, Julia Centurelli, who did not hesitate to support the Mazzini organizations in the mid-nineteenth century: her love for her homeland and her energy are reflected in her paintings and in her literary compositions. Agugliano, as well, has its worldwide famous artist, Stefania Massaccesi, one of the most important representatives of the European figurative art: a painter, sculptress and a master in engraving, in recent years she has her works exhibited in many international museums.

    … and music

    We begin with Angelica Catalani, born in the city of velvet beach, Senigallia (AN), lived at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As a child was given to the Convent of Saint Lucia of Gubbio, but her father, realizing the innate talent for singing, took her back to his home to study music: Angelica became a great soprano and was noticed even by Napoleon Bonaparte!

    The crisp air of the hills of Macerata has benefited the professional growth of one soprano, the unforgettable Anita Cerquetti. Born in the medieval village of Montecosaro (MC), the female singer has performed on the most famous Italian stages of the twentieth century; one interesting fact: it was her who replaced Maria Callas in 1958 when the latter left the scene after the first act of Norma, at Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. We conclude with another golden voice, Eva Mei, born in Fabriano (AN). She has conquered the international stages and is loved by audiences and critics, so much that in 1990 won the prize at the Mozart Competition in Vienna for her interpretation of the Abduction from Seraglio, opera by the world-famous Austrian composer.

    From music …. to cinema and theater

    Ave Ninchi and her family of actors, playwrights and impresarios, is particularly linked to the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona. The actress starred together with big cinema names such as Toto, Aldo Fabrizi and Alberto Sordi. The capital of Marche has also given birth to another interpreter of the Italian cinema, Virna Lisi, who won six times the prestigious Silver Ribbon prize and two times David di Donatello. Valeria Moriconi, born in Jesi,  was also a great interpreter of the Italian cinema of the twentieth century, as well as of the Italian theater, working together with great masters such as Eduardo De Filippo.

    Sports women

    They could not be missing  in this classification: our great championsform Marche who over the years have distinguished themselves for tenacity, strength and passion. Let’s start with Valentina Vezzali and her inseparable companion: the foil. Born in Jesi, she is the first fencer in the world who has won three Olympic gold medals in three consecutive editions, has also been awarded numerous times in team competitions and has won eleven times the World Cup. Giovanna Trillini, on the other hand, is also never separated from her foil: her achievements began in 1986 with a silver medal for team competitions in the Championships in Sofia and continued with winning the World Cup four times. Moreover, besides being a champion, she teaches young athletes how to achieve these important goals.The young promise of the Italian fencing is Elisa Di Francisca, who has already been awarded six times as World Champion and ten times as European Champion in individual and team events. Moreover, she won the gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012. These tremendous women athletes are all from Jesi, a town in the province of Ancona, surrounded by medieval walls and full of history, which became famous throughout the world thanks to these brave women.

    Even figure skating has a woman form Marche as a protagonist hovering lightly on her shoes. She is the young Annalisi Graziosi, vice European champion in 2009 and 2010. Dominating the waves is Giorgia Speciale who, with her windsurfing, challenged even the stormy sea, becoming world champion in the under 15 category.

    Le Marche have given birth to strong women, determined, talented and intelligent who over the centuries have distinguished themselves in various fields. Is it a merit of the pure air of the hills or of the Adriatic sea breeze? One thing is certain: we are proud that they were born in this land. To them, the women of today and to those who will be born!



  • Le grandi donne delle Marche

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    Sono numerose le donne marchigiane che nei secoli hanno contribuito a scrivere un pezzetto di storia e che hanno reso grandi le Marche:  letterate, poetesse, pittrici, attrici, cantanti, archeologhe e sportive: tutte sono donne,  tutte sono marchigiane e tutte sono grandi….

    Donne di lettere

    Sono tantissime le donne marchigiane che hanno vissuto una vita all’insegna della cultura..Una delle prime è stata Battista Sforza nata a Pesaro nel 1446 è rappresentata in uno dei quadri più celebri del rinascimento italiano il “Dittico dei Duchi di Urbino” di Piero della Francesca. Questa donna, che sposò Federico Da Montefeltro e visse nella splendida Urbino, amava la cultura: viveva circondata da letterati e uomini di scienza ed aveva spiccate doti governative tanto che amministrava la città quando il marito era a combattere qualche guerra lontana.

    Altre due donne amanti della letteratura furono Laura Battiferri vissuta tra prima e la seconda metà del Cinquecento, paragonata dai suoi contemporanei alla poetessa greca Saffo e  Margherita Sparapani, nata a Camerino nel 1735  appassionata scienze naturali, entrò a far parte dell’importante Accademia dell’Arcadia insieme ai più colti letterati del tempo.

    Donne di scienze 

    Un nome conosciuto da tutti e che ha dato il volto alle famose mille lire è quello di Maria Montessori, nata a Chiaravalle, in provincia di Ancona. A cavallo tra l’Ottocento e la metà del Novecento fu la prima donna italiana a laurearsi in medicina e, come pedagogista, contribuì a rinnovare la scuola italiana: il metodo educativo che prende il suo nome è utilizzato ancora oggi in molti istituti di tutto il mondo.

    Ancora nel campo della medicina, Edmea Pirami nata ad Ascoli Piceno alla fine dell’Ottocento, laureatasi in pediatria nel 1964,divenne vicepresidente del Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). La città di Porto San Giorgio (MC) ha dato i natali all’archeologa Alessandra Nibbi che ha contribuito alle ricerche per delineare la reale geografia dell’Antico Egitto.

    Donne di arti

    L’arte con la  “A” maiuscola nelle Marche è rappresentata da Nori de’ Nobili, pittrice e poetessa nata a Pesaro nel 1902. La sua arte energica, colorata ed estremamente femminile è conservata nel Museo e Centro studi di Ricerca sulla Donna “Nori de’ Nobili” a Trecastelli, dove è esposta la mostra permanente delle sue opere più importanti. 

    Sempre nel campo dell’arte non possiamo dimenticare Agostina Segatori: da Ancona arrivò fino a Parigi, dove alla fine dell’Ottocento, iniziò la sua carriera come modella e musa ispiratrice posando per celebri pittori come Eugène Delacroix, Vincent Van Gogh e Édouard Manet.

    Ascoli Piceno vanta una pittrice e poetessa patriottica,  Giulia Centurelli, che non esitò a sostenere le organizzazioni mazziniane nella metà dell’Ottocento: l’amore per la patria e l’energia si ritrovano nella sua pittura e nelle sue composizioni letterarie. Anche Agugliano ha la sua artista famosa in tutto il mondo,Stefania Massaccesi, una delle esponenti più importanti del figurativismo europeo: è pittrice, scultrice ed amante dell’incisione, negli ultimi anni ha esposto le sue opere in molti musei internazionali.

    ….e musica

    Iniziamo da Angelica Catalani nata nella città della spiaggia di velluto, Senigallia (AN), visse a cavallo tra il Settecento e l’Ottocento. Da bambina venne affidata al Convento di Santa Lucia di Gubbio, ma il padre, resosi conto dell’innato talento per il canto, la riportò a casa per farle studiare musica: Angelica divenne un grande soprano e fu notata persino da Napoleone Bonaparte!

    L’aria frizzante delle colline maceratesi ha giovato alla crescita professionale di un soprano,  l’indimenticabile Anita Cerquetti. Nata nel borgo medievale di Montecosaro (MC), questa cantante ha calcato i più famosi palcoscenici italiani del Novecento, una curiosità: è stata proprio lei a sostituire Maria Callas nel 1958 quando, al Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, abbandonò la scena dopo il I atto della Norma.  Concludiamo con un’altra ugola d’oro, Eva Mei, nata a Fabriano (AN), sta calcando le scene internazionali ed è acclamata dal pubblico e dalla critica, tanto che nel 1990 ha vinto il premio al Concorso Mozart di Vienna per la sua interpretazione nel Ratto dal serraglio, opera  del compositore austriaco.

    Dalla musica …. al cinema e al teatro

     Ave Ninch e la sua famiglia di attori, drammaturghi e impresari è particolarmente legata al Teatro delle Muse di Ancona. L’attrice ha recitato insieme a grandi nomi del cinema come Totò, Aldo Fabrizi e Alberto Sordi. Il capoluogo marchigiano ha dato i natali anche ad un’altra interprete del cinema italiano, Virna Lisi, che ha vinto per ben sei volte il prestigioso Nastro d’argento e due David di Donatello. Valeria Moriconi nata Jesi, è stata una grande interprete del cinema italiano del Novecento e del teatro, lavorando con grandi maestri come Eduardo De Filippo.

    Donne di sport

    Non potevano mancare in questo post le nostre grandi campionesse marchigiane che negli anni si sono contraddistinte per tenacia, forza e passione. Iniziamo con Valentina Vezzali e il suo inseparabile compagno: il fioretto. Nata a Jesi, è la prima schermitrice al mondo che ha vinto ben tre medaglie d’oro olimpiche in tre edizioni consecutive, è stata anche premiata numerose volte nelle competizioni a squadre ed ha vinto per ben undici volte la Coppa del Mondo. Anche Giovanna Trillini non si separa mai dal suo fioretto:  i suoi successi sono iniziati nel 1986 con l’argento a squadre vinto ai Campionati di Sofia ed ha vinto quattro volte la Coppa del Mondo, oltre ad essere protagonista insegna alle giovani atlete come raggiungere questi importanti obiettivi. La giovane promessa della scherma italiana è Elisa Di Francisca, è già stata premiata sei volte come Campionessa Mondiale e dieci volte come Campionessa Europea tra individuale e prova a squadre, ha vinto anche la medaglia d’oro alle Olimpiadi di Londra nel 2012. Queste formidabili atlete sono tutte di Jesi, città della provincia di Ancona, circondata da mura medievali e densa di storia, diventata famosa in tutto il mondo anche grazie a queste campionesse.

    Anche il pattinaggio artistico ha una donna marchigiana come protagonista che volteggia con leggerezza sui suoi pattini, è la giovanissima Annalisi Graziosi vice campionessa europea nel 2009 e 2010. A dominare le onde ci pensa Giorgia Speciale che, con il suo windsurf , ha sfidato anche il mare in tempesta diventando campionessa del mondo nella categoria under 15.

    Le Marche hanno dato i natali a donne forti, determinate, talentuose e intelligenti che nei secoli si sono contraddistinte in vari campi. Sarà merito dell’aria pura delle colline marchigiane o della brezza del mare Adriatico? Una cosa è certa: siamo orgogliosi che siano nate in questa terra. A loro, alle donne di oggi e a quelle che nasceranno!


  • La casa perfetta per il turista perfetto

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    La stagione turistica 2016 sta iniziando, ma cosa vuole trovare un turista che viene in vacanza nelle Marche? Ovvero che cosa farà scegliere una struttura piuttosto che un’altra? Molte delle scelte che facciamo sono in parte razionali ma sicuramente anche istintive. Un turista che si approccia a fare una scelta sulla sua prossima vacanza, agisce su un desiderio o se vogliamo sulla mancanza in quel momento di una situazione desiderata.

    Avviene quindi il riconoscimento di un bisogno prima non percepito. Ora sta a noi individuare gli stimoli che più frequentemente di altri attivano l’interesse nei confronti del nostro prodotto/vacanza in campagna-villa-casale e sviluppare azioni in grado di sollecitare tale interesse. La seconda fase del processo decisionale consiste nella ricerca delle informazioni necessarie per individuare il prodotto più idoneo alla soddisfazione del desiderio.

    Che cosa fa maggiormente leva sulla scelta del nostro potenziale futuro ospite? Quali sono i modelli che più rispondono alle sue esigenze? Proviamo ad analizzare da una parte in nostro ospite potenziale, la nostra “Personas” e dall’altra l’offerta che c’è sul mercato.

    marcheholiday arredi a confronto

    I nostri clienti provengono prevalentemente dal nord Europa, per lo più da grandi città e da zone piovose e fredde per gran parte dell’anno. Hanno una cultura del relax e del confort che è completamente diversa dalla nostra.

    Per questo motivo prediligono spazi ampi e luminosi, con ambienti arredati in modo proporzionato: poche suppellettili ma d’effetto, niente ninnoli, grandi divani cucine ben attrezzate, barbecue grandi meglio se professionali.  Le nostre strutture tradizionali hanno generalmente finestre piccole (per riparare dalla luce del sole durante l’estate e per disperdere meno calore in inverno), per questo sarà bene compensare con tinte alle pareti utilizzando colori chiari o neutri o mobili bianchi. Il mobilio tradizionale in arte povera non piace, a meno che non sia ben ristrutturato e comunque posizionato in un contesto che non risulti troppo pesante nell’insieme.

    esempio di soggiorno

    esempio di soggiorno con pochi oggetti ma d’effetto, ambiente luminoso

    mobilio classico abbinato a colori chiari

    mobilio classico abbinato a colori chiari

    Anche i quadri hanno la loro importanza, devono essere proporzionati all’ambiente in cui si inseriscono, per tanto non ha senso mettere un piccolo quadro in una grande parete, si perderebbe e non darebbe l’effetto desiderato, inoltre meglio metterlo centrato rispetto al contesto. Risultano graziose anche composizioni di piccoli quadri l’uno vicino all’altro che diano l’impressione che li abbiate messi su con criterio.

    Spazio grande, inserisco un solo grande quadro

    se la parete è grande, posso inserire un solo grande quadro

    Composizioni di cornici

    posso fare anche una composizioni di cornici

    Le tende arredano molto, meglio preferire un bel cotone bianco o rigato, rispetto a colorazioni forti, a meno che le pareti non siano bianche; in questo caso invece un colore tinta unita (o rigato) deciso, da più personalità all’insieme. I copri letti è bene che siano in tinta con le tende e di buona qualità. Se il bagno è un pò datato e in questo momento non potete permettervi una ristrutturazione potrebbe essere sufficiente tinteggiare le pareti con un colore più accattivante e mettete spugne e suppellettili in tinta, aggiungendo magari qualche piccola cornice o un tenda d’effetto.

    Vedi alcuni esempi da cui prendere spunto

    I nostri ospiti adorano stare all’aria aperta, in giardino passeranno gran parte del loro tempo;  per questo l’arredo esterno è forse addirittura più importante di quello interno. Assolutamente indispensabile utilizzare sdraie lettini da piscina e tavoli in materiali nobili come legno, ferro, alluminio, resina, assolutamente vietata la plastica. Cercate di rendere gli ambienti esterni piacevoli creando un angolo soggiorno che può essere posizionato in piscina e/o sotto il portico, o al gazebo, con almeno un divano grande da tre o più sedute, dove sia comodo sdraiarsi.

    Cucina esterna

    una cucina esterna diventa un punto di aggregazione

    Anche i fiori sono importanti, creano macchie di colore e arredano il giardino. Le cucine all’aperto sono particolarmente apprezzate. Ricordate che gli ospiti prima di arrivare scelgono la vostra casa in base alle foto e la foto di un bel giardino curato e arredato è molto più di appeal di un prato disadorno. Altrettanto importante posizionare degli elementi che caratterizzino la vostra casa rendendola unica rispetto alle altre con ad esempio, delle poltrone particolari, un’amaca, un dondolo di design, o realizzato da voi artigianalmente e appeso ad un albero, o dei lettini galleggianti o lampade da piscina o da giardino un pò particolari.

    lampade galleggianti

    l’effetto delle lampade colpisce ed arreda

    Vedi alcuni esempi da cui prendere spunto

    In questo momento sul mercato c’è una grande offerta, dove ci sono professionisti dell’accoglienza e improvvisati. La passione per l’accoglienza traspare bene anche nelle foto che trovate se vi avventurate in internet e non occorre un occhio attento per vedere chi mette cura e amore nella preparazione della casa, nell’attenzione ai dettagli e sono sicuramente queste ultime le strutture ricettive che risultano particolarmente gradite e che ricevono più richieste e prenotazioni, nonostante il prezzo possa essere ovviamente anche un pò più alto di una casa basica o standardizzata.

  • Vacanza in appartamento o villa? Quale sceglieresti?

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    Avete mai sognato una vacanza in famiglia diversa dal solito soggiorno in hotel? Magari in una casa di campagna immersa nella natura, con una bella piscina e un giardino per rilassarsi e mangiare all’aperto?

    Una villa intera è troppo grande per le vostre esigenze? Non rinunciate ai vostri sogni perchè anche i nostri appartamenti offrono il meglio per viziarvi e coccolarvi:

    • Se viaggiate solo con la tua famiglia o con un piccolo gruppo
    • Se i vostri figli vogliono giocare con altri bambini
    • Se volete fare nuove amicizie, anche di diverse nazionalità
    • Se sognate di trascorrere le vostre vacanze in campagna, in un posto tranquillo e rilassante
    • Se siete alla ricerca di una casa vacanza con tutti i comfort possibili..

    ….abbiamo la soluzione migliore per voi !!!

    I nostri appartamenti possono accogliere da 2 fino a 8 persone, con piscina privata o in comune, ognuno con un proprio spazio esterno esclusivo, accuratamente attrezzate per mangiare all’aperto e rilassarsi su divani.

    Scoprite l’alloggio che fa per voi.

    Controlla subito!


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