• Let’s go to the Carnival ….of Fano

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    Did ja know? …

    ….that the Carnival of Fano it is the oldest Carnival in Italy, after that of Venice, and the most important festival of the Marche with an attendance of over 100,000 people! Every year large allegorical trucks/floats parade along the streets with people masked on top or just walking along, with marching bands and folklore groups, and during the parades quintals of sweets and chocolates rain from the allegorical trucks by creating the traditional “jet”! The latter is a spectacular shower of sweets and treats that make the Carnival of Fano the sweetest in the world!

    The jet

    … It is the best part of the Carnival of Fano. Every year, tons of candies and chocolates rain from the allegoric floats during the parades. Really tons and tons of sweets: boxes of candies melting cocolates, pastas, snacks, gianduie, crispy, nougat, chocolate creams, goodies, candies…. Each wagon is equipped with a surge above the ten quintals.

    The Pupo

    Since 1951, the typical mask of the Carnival of Fano, commonly known as “El Pup” or as “El Vulon” or in Italian as “Il Pupo”. That year it was designed by the painter and manager of the Company Carnevalesca Rino Fucci who was inspired by a character probably already created for centuries by the popular imagination. It is a mask that in the form of a caricature represents the most prominent person of the time both locally and nationally, and even internationally; About its birth there are no certainties; one of the most credible hypothesis was recently reported by a local newspaper.

    The parades of floats, traditionally made of papier mache from the Masters Fano, end with a tour absolutely fascinating: that of illumination: a true celebration of color and light.

    Moreover, the Carnival is an ideal opportunity to visit the lovely town of Fano with an impressive Roman historical center with many monuments, including the famous Arch of Augustus, palaces and churches. The Church of Santa Maria Nuova contains the table of Perugino Madonna and Saints, made in collaboration with the young Raphael. Worth visiting is also the baroque church of St. Peter to Valium, adorned with stucco, frescoes and gilding. In addition, the Fortune Theatre, built in 1665, and the Civic Museum, which houses an important archaeological section, while in the Gallery you can see paintings of the sixteenth century, including works by Guido Reni and Domenichino.

    An even definitely not to be missed!


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